Parque de El Retiro

 Among the must-see places in Madrid is El Retiro Park with its lush green environment spread over a huge area in the middle of the city and many places to visit. The fact that there are about 15 thousand trees in El Retiro, which draws attention with its very large size, is enough for you to guess the size of the area. Although it is a park where tourists often come and wander during the day, it receives the same attention from the locals. I can say that it is a great park especially for morning sports. So, what else is in El Retiro? First of all, I recommend you to see the two palaces in the park. Crystal Palace, which is mainly made of glass and metal, attracts attention with its design. Exhibition events are held in the palace built in the 19th century. The other palace is the Velazquez Palace. The palace hosts temporary exhibitions. The Fisherman's Lodge surrounded by an artificial pond, the Rose Garden with various colorful roses, the 400-year-old Ahuehuete, Madrid's olde